Event Schedule

Here is a list of upcoming Shintaido events, open to all, which may be of interest.

Dokan ’24, International Event, Worth School, 16th – 20th August 2024

BSC Meeting, Sunday 27th October 2024

  • Elstree School, 10am – 4pm

Kangeiko 2025, Douai Abbey, 3rd – 6th January 2025

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You can find a calendar of shintaido events all over Europe on the ESC website

Useful Documents

The following resources are available for download in PDF format (each link opens in a new window). Many events offer discounts for paid-up members of BS or other national organisations.


What is Shintaido?

While Shintaido is grounded in traditional Japanese martial arts, it does not aim to defeat or overpower an opponent, and its practice is entirely non-competitive.
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Shintaido has generated many cherished memories, contained in articles, photographs and newsletters, which members and ex-members are invited to share.
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A collection of links to European and worldwide Shintaido organisations, along with other related sites, articles and information.
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