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Publications & DVD

Publications and DVDBritish Shintaido are currently working on a publication and e-book Cutting the Grey Sky (2013) and a DVD Taimyo (2013).

Minagawa Sensei is currently working with the ESC (European Shintaido College) on an Educational DVD on his creative research into Tenshingoso Applications. For project progress see the Tenshingoso Project’s working space.

British Shintaido has produced a DVD with Minagawa Sensei Taimyo and Tenshingoso. This was co-produced with The Naked Voice. The Shintaido Handbook was written by BS Instructor Charles Burns with assistance of the British Shintaido College.

Copies of The Shintaido Handbook are available at BS Events, and from your Instructor. The Taimyo and Tenshingoso DVD has sold out.

Studying Shintaido

What is Shintaido?

Shintaido is practised with bare hands, but the curriculum also includes bojutsu, involving use of the long staff (bo) and kenjutsu, using a wooden sword (bokuto).
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Shintaido has generated many cherished memories, contained in articles, photographs and newsletters, which members and ex-members are invited to share.
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Download back issues of Taimyo, the regular newsletter of British Shintaido. Published three times a year, it is distributed by PDF and on paper to members.
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