British Shintaido

Shintaido Membership

All practitioners are encouraged to join British Shintaido (BS). Membership allows them to contribute to the development of this art, and to influence the running of the club. It also provides a good way of staying in touch, for those who have stopped practising Shintaido.

Benefits of Membership

  • Discounts at BS events and equipment purchases
  • Taimyo magazine distributed by post
  • Access to exams
  • Vote at the AGM
  • Right to stand for office within British Shintaido
  • For BS College members (those of assistant level and above), membership includes free access to the three or four College days held on a regular basis

Cost of Membership

  • Student £18 per year
  • General £30 per year
  • Instructor £72 per year (BSC membership)

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Useful Documents

The following resources are available for download in PDF format (each link opens in a new window):

Studying Shintaido

What is Shintaido?

Shintaido is practised with bare hands, but the curriculum also includes bojutsu, involving use of the long staff (bo) and kenjutsu, using a wooden sword (bokuto).
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If you wish to experience Shintaido for yourself your first option is to find a local class. Find one in your area or visit a class in another area.
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Download back issues of Taimyo, the regular newsletter of British Shintaido. Published three times a year, it is distributed by PDF and on paper to members.
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