Zoom Classes

Some shintaido instructors are offering regular classes using the Zoom platform. There are obvious limitations to online study. However, there is also the huge advantage that practitioners without a local group can attend a regular class to improve and inform their own shintaido practice.

Most classes are open to all, including beginners. Many are free, although if you wish to make a donation for the class it is often appreciated.

Please contact the instructor to join the group and access the Zoom password. Most online classes are accompanied by a WhatsApp group for reminders of each session and other updates.

Taimyo Kata

Twice weekly, early-morning self-study group for Taimyo Kata.

Zoom link 812 8900 0915
Times Every Monday and Friday: 7.15 – 7.45am
Cost Free, no contribution needed
Instructor Self study group
Contact Marianne Van der Tass

Taimyo is an ideal subject for online practice. The three parts of the kata are led in turn by members of the group. As you become proficient in the kata you may be asked to take a turn to lead.

Online Bojutsu

Monthly study group for those wanting to learn bojutsu (quarterstaff technique).

Bojutsu is an important part of shintaido practice, but quite difficult to learn over Zoom! These sessions should not be thought of a lesson, but rather as an information source to help direct your own self study.

Each lesson is backed up by a monthly video, posted on the WhatsApp group, to remind members of this month’s homework. Each lesson focuses on kihon (striking movements) and simple kata built from the those movements.

Zoom link 812 8900 0915
Times First Monday of the month: 11am – 12 noon
Cost Contributions accepted
Instructor Charles Burns
Contact Charles Burns

To join this class you need both a bo staff – for outdoor self study – and a shorter jo staff (or any suitable short stick) for indoor practice. You will need to commit to practicing at least once a week on your own (preferably more often) to make good progress.


Weekly review of Taimyo Kata, quiet and reflective in tone.

Zoom link 812 8900 0915
Times Every Monday: 9.30 – 10pm
Cost Free, contributions accepted
Instructor Ula Chambers
Contact Ula Chambers

Whether new to Taimyo or a seasoned veteran you’ll enjoy this short evening recap before turning in for the night.

Autism Houslow Shintaido

A long running, weekly, morning class aimed at adults on the autism spectrum.

The class started during lockdown when Houslow group could no longer meet, but has continued online since some members moved away from the area and many prefer the online format anyway.

Zoom link 856-397-894
Times Every Tuesday: 11 – 11.45am
Cost Free, contributions accepted
Instructor Charles Burns
Contact Charles Burns

This class is enjoyed by people from Houslow, Cornwall and Belgium, both neurotypical and autistic.

Shintaido: the Art of Japanese Movement

This class is suitable for all, and includes open hand and kenjutsu practice.

Zoom link On request write to Susan
Times Every Thursday: 10 – 11am
Cost Free, contributions accepted
Instructor Susan Lacroix
Contact Susan Lacroix

This class is ideal for those wanting to explore shintaido for the first time

Zoom Shintaido

A weekly morning class, started in spring 2020, connecting practitioners from Scotland, England, Europe and US through joyful practice.

Zoom link 880-815-777
Times Every Friday: 10.30 – 11.15am
Cost Free, contributions accepted
Instructor Nagako Cooper
Contact Nagako Cooper
Facebook Shintaido in Moniaive

This class is accessible for beginners as well as enjoyable for experienced practitioners.

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What is Shintaido?

What is Shintaido?

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