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  • Ito sensei, a former BS head instructor, who now divides his time between America and France.
  • Shotokai Karate, an on-line resource on Shotokai karate and other traditional Japanese martial arts.
  • The Naked Voice, all about the work of Chloe Goodchild, many Naked Voice practitioners also practice Shintaido.

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British Shintaido runs many events which are open to anybody to attend and suitable for those seeking an introduction to Shintaido.
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British Shintaido

British Shintaido

British Shintaido is the organisation that supports and develops Shintaido practice in Britain. It runs regular workshops and residential events.
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Studying Shintaido

What is Shintaido?

Shintaido is practised with bare hands, but the curriculum also includes bojutsu, involving use of the long staff (bo) and kenjutsu, using a wooden sword (bokuto).
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