British Shintaido (BS) holds at least two residential events (gasskuku) and workshops per year. Other events may be organised by local groups, or by the BS College (BSC). We aim to add an events calendar on this page in the near future.

Kangeiko 2017

This year’s kangeiko was held at the White Cottages at Douai Abbey, near Reading, on 7th & 8th January 2017.

Daienshu 2017

This year’s Daienshu will be held at Douai Abbey, near Reading, from the 28th to the 30th of July 2017.


Major European and international events

We will soon be adding dates of major Shintaido events taking place around the world which might be worth travelling to for those seeking to broaden their experience of international Shintaido. If you know of a major event please let us know!


BS = British Shintaido
BSC = British Shintaido College
ESC = European Shintaido College
ETC = European Technical Committee
ISC = International Shintaido College
ITC = International Technical Committee


BS events are open to all. College events (BSC or ESC) are usually open to those at Assistant or 1-kyu level and above. Technical Committee meetings (ETC or ITC) are for Senior Instructors, or sandan, and above only.

British Shintaido aims to organise a varied selection of events each year, from fairly modest and affordable local events to the more expensive residential events which enable us to go deeper into our practice. The schedule is apt to change sometimes at short notice so it’s worth revisiting this page to check for updates. Or you can sign up to our e-mail mailing list using the form in the footer section of this page.


What is Shintaido?

While Shintaido is grounded in traditional Japanese martial arts, it does not aim to defeat or overpower an opponent, and its practice is entirely non-competitive.
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Shintaido has generated many cherished memories, contained in articles, photographs and newsletters, which members and ex-members are invited to share.
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A collection of links to European and worldwide Shintaido organisations, along with other related sites, articles and information.
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