An invitation to join early morning mediation

During the week leading up to our kangeiko events many people like to prepare with daily meditation.

To help this process British Shintaido invites you to join a series of short morning Taimyo sessions this week, led by Ula Chambers on Zoom. This invitation is open whether or not you can come to our kangeiko event.

If you are coming to kangeiko this will be an excellent preparation for our practice.

If you cannot join us, but wish to remain in community with others at this special time of year, this is for you.

The tradition of meditating together at the start of the year has a long history in shintaido practice. We  welcome the new season by calming and grounding ourselves and developing a peaceful, connected group consciousness.

Outdoor early-morning Taimyo practice during one of our events

The Schedule

There will be 5 morning meditation sessions from 7.15 – 7 45 am UK time.

The first is on Monday 1st January 2024. The last on Friday 5th January.

You can choose to do all 5 days, just one or two, or follow the schedule in your own time wherever you are.

  • Monday 1st January:
    • kanki – entering the ocean of universal energy
    • repakku –  building layers of energy
  • Tuesday 2nd January:
    • saizan – breaking through mountains
    • youshin – nurturing the divine within
    • tenshingoso yokitai – calm tenshingoso with breathing
  • Wednesday 3rd January:
    • Taimyo Part 2
  • Thursday 4th January:
    • group wakame
    • ritsui ju meiso ho – ten position meditation
  • Friday 5th January:
    • hoten kokyu ho – hugging heaven
    • hokushin kokyu ho –  great plough
    • odachi zanshin.
Join at the correct time on Zoom

Sessions start at 7.15am GMT each morning. Please log in a few minutes before.
Note you will need to be logged into your Zoom account in order to join this event. 

Zoom meeting ID: 865 4126 6483
Zoom Passcode (if needed): 859010

As a courtesy, please email Ula Chambers to let her know you plan to attend.


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