A way to inner peace through energy movement with voice

Shintaido is a joyful health exercise originating in traditional Japanese martial arts. It is designed to be accessible to all. Shintaido movements can activate the flow of ki (energy) within our bodies promoting healthy body, mind and spirit. The benefits can include: reducing stress, enhancing creativity, and increasing concentration.


The far end of the football field in Dunrregan, Moniaive

Time 10:30am – 11:30am
Dates Every Monday from 17th May 2021
Cost £5 per session (concessions £3)
Contact Nagako Cooper
Email  Nagako Cooper
Telephone  01848 200 081 or 07906586674
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What is Shintaido?

What is Shintaido?

Shintaido is an avant garde system of body movement with roots going back to 1960s Japan. It is inclusive with an emphasis on developing a soft, open body.
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A selection of testimonials we have received from those that have practised Shintaido, their feelings and what effect it had on them.
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Recent news, events and articles in the world of British Shintaido, from instructors and members.
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