Shintaido is best practiced through attending regular weekly classes. Partner practice and sharing group energy are important, so it cannot be learned from a book.

British Shintaido remains a small organisation and regular classes run only where Instructors are able to support them. Hopefully you will find a class near you. BS Instructors also run occasional workshops and other events.

Weekly classes

If you wish to experience Shintaido for yourself your first option is to find a local class. Use the map below to find one in your area, or to visit a class in another area. Each class shown on the map has its own dedicated page in this website’s main navigation menu. Note that classes do change on a regular basis, so although visitors are always welcome, it’s wise to check before attending an unfamiliar class.

At weekends specialist classes are available by appointment (no fixed time) – please contact Minagawa Sensei (Masashi).

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What to wear?

The official Shintaido uniform is a traditional white keiko-gi with a white belt. However beginners can come in loose fitting clothing with ample room in the shoulders and crotch. Bare feet or white tabi (Japanese rubber soled shoes) are best as they allow you to use your toes for balance, however soft soled shoes are also acceptable. Classes usually include extensive warm-ups and stretching and usually run 1-2 hours.

Studying Shintaido

What is Shintaido?

Shintaido is practised with bare hands, but the curriculum also includes bojutsu, involving use of the long staff (bo) and kenjutsu, using a wooden sword (bokuto).
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BS College

Our volunteer-run equipment store sells British Shintaido merchandise such as books and DVDs.
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British Shintaido

Find out how we can help those wishing start a class in their area and how to apply for a British Shintaido Grant to help with the cost.
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