Brighton Shintaido

Brighton Shintaido is a constituted Club. The main instructor is Ula Chambers with support from assistants Terry Bickers and Viola Santa.

There have been various Shintaido classes in Brighton since 1987 often run as part of community related health projects. Currently classes are run at The Manor Gym ( which is a community organisation run entirely by local volunteers and promoting sport and community based activities for the East Brighton area. The Manor Gym is situated very close to the local Royal Sussex County hospital. Classes are not restricted to local residents however, and are open to anyone over 18 years old (or 16 upwards with support).

Ula teaches the main Shintaido curriculum focussing on the three main core areas Tenshingoso, Eiko and Meditation. Kenjutsu (practice with a straight wooden sword called the bokuto) is part of the current practice. Practice swords are provided to students who book in advance, practice swords for people who drop in cannot be guaranteed.

Classes are run as “blocks” of 6 weeks with a specific aim for each block. Students can sign up for a block in advance for a reduced fee. People often also drop in to classes as their circumstances allow.

In the summer months when there is more daylight and the weather is fine, the group often goes to practice in a park. Our longstanding favourite is Preston Park in Brighton where we meet in a quiet tree lined spot next to Preston Manor (view on Google Maps).

Please contact Ula to find out if the class is being held at Preston Park or The Manor Gym.

Venue The Manor Gym, Manor Road, Brighton, East Sussex BN2 5EA [View on Google Maps]
Time 8:15pm – 9:30pm, Thursdays (8:00pm gather, change, clean dojo)
Cost Block of 6 classes: £39.00 (waged), unwaged by discussion
Drop in rate: sliding scale £3.00 (students/unwaged) to £7.50 (waged)
Contact Ula Chambers
Telephone 07846 752833
Link (includes map and bus links)

Other group activities

The group takes part in demonstrations at the Manor and at the Take Part Festival in Brighton. (see video at the bottom of this page)

Members have run workshops for people with learning disabilities in the Brighton area, there have been workshops in local schools.

Group members have been interviewed on local radio about Shintaido.

Social activity is a welcome part of our group and we often share meals and related cultural activities (films/exhibitions/music).

We hold an AGM once a year.

Brighton Shintaido members are regular attendees at British Shintaido events and participate fully in The Shintaido community, helping organise events and assist with teaching. Terry is currently co-organising the British Daienshu (main residential workshop), Viola and Terry have both been organisers of the Kangeiko or Winter residential workshop.

What is Shintaido?

What is Shintaido?

Shintaido is an avant garde system of body movement with roots going back to 1960s Japan. It is inclusive with an emphasis on developing a soft, open body.
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